Iain McAlpine
By Iain McAlpine, Commercial Director

Ask any company what makes it stand out, and you’ll probably get the same kind of answers from the same old crib sheet. There’s talk of synergy, future-proofing, and a lot of mouthing of buzz-words and phrases that have been worn as thin as net curtains by repetition.

I’ve spent the past four years with Indeglas, through the period of its management buyout and rebranding, after a career in construction that stretches back to working on sites in 1991, and I can honestly say that our company stands head and shoulders clear of the pack without any tired old buzzwords.

I’ve been on the other side of the table, buying in specialised services, and listening to the promises of contractors. I know the pain points, and I know we are ready to anticipate them, to smooth them over, and to build positive relationships.

So many companies focus on managing customers and their expectations to the exclusion of other relationships. Here, we build strong foundations to our working relationships with other contractors, suppliers, and everyone else on the project.

We each have our role on a build, where everyone ought to be pulling in the same direction. Too many contractors just target the person who signs the cheques and ignore all those they work alongside. Indeglas doesn’t, and this is, I believe, thanks to the diverse strengths of our management team.

We’re not a monoculture at Indeglas. Everyone shares the same values, but has different strings to their bow, different skills and experience they can bring to the table, and we all have our eyes on the long game.

 Seeing the bigger picture is another of those clichés I mentioned earlier, but here we have a solid, developed long term plan that has buy-in at every level of the company, from our management board to our interns. Every action is aimed at the fulfilment of our long-term plan to be the UK’s go-to name for interior glass solutions.

 While I’m on the subject of interns, it’s another aspect of the growth of the company about which I feel passionate. When I started my career, I had the opportunity to grow and develop my skills shadowing experienced men and women of surpassing skill. I want to be able to pay forward some of the time they so generously gave.

 This is why we aim to continue the company’s growth through young people – the future of the construction industry. Our growth will be through graduates, strengthening the skills base of our workforce through training in practice and day-release studying and training.

 There are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduates across Scotland who could find their skills stretched to the limits in the design and installation of these kind of projects, and I want those skilled young people to consider a career that I for one have found highly rewarding over the years.

 I want everyone at Indeglas to feel confident that we will support them in improving their skill set. I’m not going to say my door is open, as we’re in the business of glass.

 Openness and transparency is what Indeglas is all about.

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Latest Updates

"I can honestly say that this company stands head and shoulders clear of the pack without any tired old buzzwords."

Iain McAlpine

Director, Indeglas