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Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), the leadership organisation for Scotland’s construction industry, has refreshed its board with seven new board members joining its ranks.

Among the three women leaders appointed is Jeanette MacIntyre, Managing Director of Indeglas, the Cumbernauld-based business recognised as a world class supplier of interior glass solutions.


Jeanette said: “The CSIC is the voice of our industry and I am delighted to accept its offer of a place on its governance board. I see this as an opportunity to assist with further strengthening the interface between forward thinking and innovative companies within the construction sector and the wide range of strategic support services this well founded organisation can bring.


“Scotland’s construction industry is best placed to face the future and develop as a sustainable, profitable sector of the economy when it represents a range of diverse voices, varied experiences and different areas of expertise. As a new member of a thoroughly refreshed CSIC board, I can bring the experiences of my entrepreneurial path through the industry to the table and look forward to supporting the next round of innovation, research and development.”


Launched in 2014, CSIC is a unique partnership between businesses, trade bodies, colleges, universities and the public sector. The organisation is recognised by the Scottish Government as the voice of the construction industry and aims to articulate a clear link between the sector’s ambition and the Scottish Government Economic Strategy.


John Forster, CSIC board chair, said: “Jeanette, along with the other new board members, represents some of finest talent and expertise available in the industry. I am certain that she and they will be instrumental in helping CSIC build a diverse, inclusive, dynamic, opportunity-focused, digitally connected construction industry fit for the 21st Century.”


The CSIC governance board provides strategic guidance and direction to the Innovation Centre. A conscious effort was made to seek out diverse voices in the refreshment of the board, and the new board is 25:75 female, on course for the Centre’s stated aim of gender parity by 2019.


For more information about CSIC, visit their website here:

Latest Updates


Latest Updates

“Jeanette, along with the other new board members, represents some of finest talent and expertise available in the industry."

John Forster

CSIC board chair